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Investment Strategies

Each portfolio is designed with our client’s goals, investment objective, risk tolerance, and gain regret factor considered.

American Wealth Advisors has no propriety products and no conflicting motivation to direct clients towards any product, brand, or boxed solution.

Because each client has unique goals and objectives, and their assets arrive at different times during different market conditions, our portfolios are custom designed. Holdings often contain conservative, moderate and aggressive sub-components. American Wealth Advisors treats each individual as a unique investor with their own risk profile and time horizon.

Our portfolios are well diversified into asset classes, including domestic equity, international equity, fixed income, liquid real estate ETFs, liquid commodity ETFs, cash and other liquid asset classes. We use cash as a valuable asset class and as a tool in our investing process.

Asset allocation and portfolio diversification, combined with utilizing the sensible investing practices of patience, discipline and common sense, are essential as we constantly monitor performance results.

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