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Request Information: Our Favorite Links

Some of our favorite links, both business and pleasure, for clients and friends to explore:


Some Business:



The front runner of the magazine collection displayed in our conference room: Forbes Magazine.



The Wall Street Journal Online.



An insightful Wall Street Journal column: Jason Zweig's The Intelligent Investor.



Real time updates of what your stocks are doing and who the insiders trading them are: Smart Money.



Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services: 24/7 access to your portfolio's account positions and balances





Some Pleasure:



One of our favorite vacation spots, and the location of our 2008 Client Advisory Board Meeting: The Ritz Carlton Naples.



Our favorite Buckhead area steakhouse: Donlan and Greenbaum’s New York Prime: Tell Bobby AWA sent you!



Where did that gift basket come from that arrived on your doorstep? We suggest the Pralines and Bear Claws from Savannah’s famed River Street Sweets.



Who we're rooting for to be the next World Series Champs: The Boston Red Sox.





















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